Mischa Blok

Mischa Blok

Mischa Blok

Creates podcast for the KOREA. exhibition

Mischa Blok is making a podcast especially for the new exhibition KOREA. Gateway to a rich past. Mischa Blok is a presenter for NPO Radio 1 and Avrotros, has her own programme Miss Podcast, and created a radio documentary about her adoption. In the new podcast ‘Poort’, Blok talks about her relationship with Korea and to what extent her native country still feels like home. She links the theme to a work by Juree Kim (South Korea, 1980), which can be seen in the exhibition in Leeuwarden. The podcast can be heard from 16 October on Spotify and princessehof.nl/podcast. Ideal for listening to on your way to the exhibition!


NPO Radio 1 presenter and podcast-maker Mischa Blok was born in South Korea. The work of art Hwigyeong by Juree Kim (South Korea, 1980) inspired her to make this podcast, in which she asks herself to what extent her native country still feels like home. Mischa does this in her own characteristic style: personal, vulnerable and inquisitive. Listen to her special story and travel with her to KOREA. Gateway to a rich past.

‘It’s so wonderful to feel at home in a place where I once was, but have absolutely no recollection of', says Mischa Blok in the podcast.


KOREA. Gateway to a rich past
With the unprecedented hype surrounding Squid Game, the Oscar-winning film Parasite and the popularity of K-pop groups such as BTS and their latest clip featuring Coldplay, South Korean pop culture is Hot & Happening. The Princessehof Museum in Leeuwarden delves into the cultural history of this extraordinary country, using themes such as food culture, ideals of beauty and rituals as guides.
Highlights from the National Museum of Korea in Seoul are coming to Leeuwarden especially for the exhibition, including enchanting Goryeo-dynasty celadon and a moon jar from the Joseon period. Other exhibits range from musical instruments to costumes from the Gugak Centre in Seoul and Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden that are accompanied by high-profile contemporary art installations and film footage. The Korea exhibition was officially opened on 15 October by the ambassador of South Korea and football coach Guus Hiddink, among others.

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